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What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open-source Content Management System that allows users to craft their own websites. Like Wordpress, Drupal is flexible and customizable, and is currently used across a variety of websites and applications for creating and publishing content. Unlike most other comparable CMS, however, Drupal offers numerous extensible features in the form of “modules” which allows users to expand their site’s functionality.

Who would want to use Drupal?

Although using Drupal requires no programming skills, Drupal is an advanced CMS tool. If content creators are simply looking for a space to author and publish content, something like Wordpress would better suit their needs. Drupal has a robust back-end, where users can customize databases, templates, taxonomies, and system administration.

How do I get access to Drupal?

Drupal is free and open-source, and you can download it straight from the Drupal website. You need access to server space in order to host the application.

Where can I find more help with using Drupal?

Drupal publishes their documentation on the website. You should also check out the variety of Drupal video tutorials online, such as this tutorial series on YouTube.

What are some projects built with Drupal?

British soccer club Arsenal hosts their team website on Drupal, making use of it’s functionality and interactivity.