Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

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What is Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS)?

OHMS is a system developed by the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky to help with cataloguing and making sense of interviews within repositories. OHMS is made up of two components. The back-end (known as the OHMS application), which is hosted through the University of Kentucky, allows oral historians to input metadata information about the interview that can help with cataloguing and archiving. The front-end (known as the OHMS viewer), which users interact with on a site, requires hosting on the user’s own web server.

Who would use OHMS?

Folx who work with oral histories and interviews who would like a consistent manner to archive and document the interviews would find OHMS helpful. In addition, OHMS also helps with synchronizing transcripts (if available) and indexes (such as theme/topics that emerged) with the audio/video recording. These features are especially helpful if the interview is located within a large repository.

How do I get access to OHMS?

You would first have to register for a free account to gain access to the OHMS application. Following that, you will then install the OHMS viewer on your own web server to sync the metadata information on the OHMS application to your interviews.

Where can I get more help with it?

The OHMS website offers guides and helpful documentation as well as examples for folx to get started. In addition, if you are planning to integrate the OHMS viewer to an Omeka site, a plugin has also been developed to help with easier implementation (especially if you choose to host with Reclaim Hosting as well).

What are some projects that use OHMS?

Routed by Our Stories
Brooklyn Historical Society’s Crossing Borders Bridging Generations Oral History collection