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What is Scalar?

Scalar is an open-source content management system designed for usage by academics. It prioritizes digital authoring and publishing of long-form and media-rich content. Scalar emphasizes the unique capabilities of digital writing by affirming the creation of nested, recursive, and non-linear formats of scholarly communication.

Who would want to use Scalar?

With a general functionality similar to Omeka and Wordpress, Scalar can be used to host professional websites, digital archives, course websites, among a variety of other purposes.

Scalar offers a specific advantages for use by academics and students. It is particularly suited for small and medium-scale projects that draw on a variety of media and sources. For example, Scalar has unique features for hosting a curation of archival objects that emphasize multiple ways to navigate through the collection. Scalar also enables social reading through annotation features.

How do I get access to Scalar?

There are two ways to use Scalar. First, Scalar can be downloaded and hosted on a server. In particular, Reclaim Hosting offers very easy installation of Scalar on the domains that it hosts.

You can also make a free account tp access to an online version of Scalar hosted by the University of Southern California. Remember to fill this form and get a registration key prior to making your free account.

Where can I find more help with using Scalar?

What are some projects built with Scalar?

View some examples of Scalar sites here.