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What is Wordpress?

User friendly and highly extensible, Wordpress is among the most popular content management systems in the world. It requires no prior knowledge of computer languages or coding and provides a graphical user interface for building websites. Depending on each user’s needs, Wordpress provide additional functionalities that vary in the use, scale, and complexity. These customizable set of tools or “plugins” can be used to build websites by novices and experts alike.

Who would want to use Wordpress?

If you are a student or researcher who is looking to start a website or a digital archive, but don't know advanced computing, then Wordpress is an ideal place to get started.

One can use Wordpress to create and publicize:

  • A digital archive
  • A digital scholarly edition
  • A professional website
  • A journal or a zine
  • Event or program information
  • An online scholarly community
  • An online portfolio

How do I get access to Wordpress?

There are two ways to deploy Wordpress, on your own server (locally) or on Wordpress’s servers (remotely). Installing Wordpress on your own server is more difficult, and requires you to download the package at Wordpress.org. For a simpler experience, you can create your Wordpress site remotely on Wordpress.com.

If you are a GC CUNY student, you can also create a free Wordpress website using the CUNY Academic Commons.

Where can I find more help with using Wordpress?

Wordpress offers several online resources to learn and use its system:

What are some examples of Wordpress websites?

View examples of Wordpress sites here.