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The Digital Archive Research Collective (DARC) addresses the needs of students, faculty, and communities working on archival research at the Graduate Center by facilitating communication across disciplines and institutional settings through events, user groups, and shared resources. Through this website, our working group, and our events DARC fosters community building among digital archivists, curators, and researchers at The Graduate Center.

This Wiki contains information about various institutional resources (including funding), featured projects by students and faculty at the GC, and overviews of several archival methods, approaches, and tools. Feel free to create content, propose edits, and our your projects to our database.

DARC Team: Param Ajmera, Filipa Calado, Stefano Morello, Di Yoong

DARC Logo design: Javier Otero Peña.

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DARC is a project of GC Digital Initiatives (GCDI) at The Graduate Center, CUNY. GCDI is a community of students, staff, and faculty distributed across centers, labs, initiatives, and academic programs who share an interest in digital scholarship and research. We offer events, workshops, office hours, faculty consultations, week-long institutes, and community-based working groups. Learn more about GCDI, our upcoming programming and how you can get involved on the GCDI website.